Success lies in perseverance to bring a vision to life...
I wanted to let you know that I have been developing a series of high efficiency wind turbines and incredibly low cost energy storage systems. I am committed to bringing answers for low cost electricity entirely from the wind. I will use this abundant energy for off-grid(FAST permits) water desalination, cold food storage, producing alternative fuels and replacing utility power plant produced electricity. 

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Hello, my name is Adam. I've been designing a variety of wind turbines, steam, water & air turbines and a complete energy storage system that captures energy from massive turbines and stores it until ready for use. I have designed all the equipment necessary to build massive turbines as well as an unbelievably low cost energy storage system with good efficiencies and promises to change everything we know about where we get energy!

    * This wind technology can REPLACE a coal fired power plant with less than 500 acres in a #4 wind zone.

    * It can be scaled to relatively any size to power businesses with on-demand stored energy converted to 
      grid-quality electricity via the energy storage system, completely OFF-GRID for 30 to 90 day permitting.

    * In the right conditions, an off-grid business operated from this technology will realize a 4 MONTH payback time.

    * It is easy to convert electricity into alternative fuels. However from fossil-fuel supplied electricity, it is expensive. 
      With wind derived electricity from this technology, it provides a path to low-cost, commercial scale production.

    * Water desalination is becoming an outright necessity. This technology can provide the electricity from remote 
      locations to operate water desalination facilities in urban areas.

Here's the FACT: current alternative energy technology cannot EVER replace fossil fuel derived energy COMPLETELY because of costs and because of scale. I have designed a wind turbine that will become the largest wind turbine ever made, expected to exceed 12,000 sq. meters of swept area and made at a cost factor of 1/20th of current wind technology. Because of the variety of designs, power per acre is tenfold of current abilities.

One of the largest wind turbines at this time is 7Mw. It cannot be placed just anywhere and focus is off-shore placement. The new turbine that I have designed has established high efficiencies in ultra small scale and is expected to have higher efficiencies than anything currently available because of its size capability. It will yield wildly beyond current technology due to its extremely high wind speed capability of 70mph PLUS!!!

The energy storage system is simple, based off of known technologies and cost factors near 1/100th the cost of battery energy storage systems. It can be built to scales of storage of 2000Mw which exceeds the largest coal fired utility plants.

Massive direct-drive generators for the wind turbines have been designed as well as a ground breaking structural system to provide ultra low-cost wind turbine assemblies. A fail-safe system has been incorporated into the direct-drive generator that completely eliminates electrical production in a 3 to 6 second window IN ADDITION to fractional second disengagement electronically. Because the components have been designed with a focus on simplicity and will be made by the company, radical low-cost complete systems can be made in portable manufacturing facilities ON-SITE! 

​Because the entire system is off-grid, construction and operational permits can be achieved in as little as 7 days. 95% of the permitting problems for wind-farms are because of grid-application study and grid operation concerns. Failures can affect millions of people and businesses so long and very complicated studies must be completed prior to building a typical farm. Because of the many factors, permitting often takes 5 to 10 YEARS.

However, this technology is completely off-grid. In agricultural and remote locations, all that is necessary for permitting is simple construction plans and height approvals. Because all equipment is located on fenced-in, privately owned land, there is little to zero public liability. This completely relieves permit woes.

Your purchase of HipCrete products and Adam the Handyman services will aid in launching this incredible technology. I chased funding for the wind power system for 10 years unsuccessfully and decided to invent other products that I could get to market myself to fund and implement the wind power systems. HipCrete Studios creates AMAZING products for home and business!

This includes HipCrete products, an incredible firepit system that will offer functional use for food preparation as well as more efficient broadcasting of heat from an outdoor firepit and powerful and portable LED lighting systems for work.

Thank you.

Inspired by the lion,
yet limited to flesh.
Oft prone to fail
still offer my best.
Always dreams too grand,
I am forlorn to seek.
Against the words from youth,
to the world belongs the meek.
Rage so and rage some more,
against thoughts of why and whatever for?
Steeled by will, not of mind,
oft crushed by fate's broken grind.
Yes... carry on,
your dreams are grand.
Only wakes and arrives
by yourself... by your hand.
​Adam Fuller, written at a gloomy lifeday.